Should I expect to receive advice from my counsellor

The answer lies in both philosophical reasons and practical reasons. Most counsellors believe that simply telling someone what to do is wrong because it would give them a sense of authority over their client that would not be justified or needed. Most adults resent being told what to do, anyway, although this may be different if they are despairing or very anxious. Giving advice would also imply that the counsellor is an expert on how people should live their lives, which is a rather bold claim. Your counsellor is more likely to be an expert on how to reflect on the problems of living, and that is a very different skill.
On a more practical level, the danger in advising people what to do is that if the advice works, the client may feel that he or she should consult the counsellor about everything. If it does not work, the client may blame the counsellor for any consequences. Most counsellors have had to face these situations at least once, when they have unwisely or accidentally strayed into advice-giving.
You may feel that if you are not going to receive any advice there is no point in seeing a counsellor. But there are ways of learning other than being told what to do. The therapy process is generally about thinking things through, and it is much more satisfying to find your own answers through the skilled questions of another person than through following the advice or instructions of that other person. The counsellor will often make suggestions, or mention ways of achieving things, or discuss strategies that he or she knows have worked for other people. But he or she should not actually advise you to do any of those things, even if you are desperate for advice. The counsellor may feel tempted to give you his or her opinion, but it probably would not help. It is your own assessment of your situation that matters most. If your feelings seem completely uncontrollable, and you are finding that a talking treatment is of little help in managing your situation, you are advised to see your GP and ask whether a mental health assessment is needed.