Weekly Sessions

Normally I will discuss with you the number of sessions that you will be offered at the start of your therapy, but you will usually receive about 6-12 sessions depending on your circumstances. Sometimes you will need fewer sessions and some people may need a few more.

Your counselling sessions will be weekly. Sometimes, it may be appropriate to see me less frequently, especially towards the end of treatment. Each session will usually last 50 minutes.

Sometimes clients put off preparing for the weekly session. Either it becomes too unwieldy, or it becomes too much like real work. Well, I have to say the counselling is real work and is often hard. If you prepare for each session beforehand, you are more likely to be ready to have a topic to talk about. Not preparing for your counselling session or waiting until the last minute may inadvertently make it more difficult to talk. Imagine going to a conference or big meeting where you are the main speaker and you only prepare your speech minutes beforehand. Naturally you are going to be more flustered and less likely to speak well.