What if my counsellor leaves and passes me on to someone else

As in large organisations staff are always coming and going, and counsellors employed by the NHS or large voluntary-sector projects are no exception. Lone counsellors in private practice also go through changes in their private or professional lives. It can be a shock if one day your counsellor tells you that he/she is moving away, or is going on maternity leave, or is retiring. A client's first reaction can occasionally be that he or she has made this happen by being too demanding. The reality is that it is normal for people to change jobs or move, or take time off work.
If your counsellor works alone in private practice, he or she should still try to find you alternative support or at least make some recommendations about where you can look.
Changing counsellors can be stressful, and because no two people work in exactly the same way, you are bound to make comparisons. Talking through the transition can be helpful, and bringing the new counsellor up to date should assist him or her in offering you what you need. Although a change of counsellor is not the same as stopping therapy altogether, it is a difficult process, and your reactions can show you how important the therapy may have become in your daily life.