Are You Facing Difficulties

Most people, at one time or another need some help. For some, talking with a counsellor helps them understand ways to improve their life.

When life is difficult, it is very important to be able to cope without feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Another word for this is "resilience". In other words, resilience is the ability to cope with upsetting or difficult life events...

Sometimes people seek therapy at the advice of a doctor or a health agency. Sometimes it is overwhelming life stress or a crisis that causes a person to decide to go to therapy. In addition, many times people enter therapy to gain insight and acceptance about themselves and to achieve personal growth. Counselling is for anyone who is unhappy with the way he or she acts or feels, and wants to change. Also counselling is for anyone who is courageously facing their fears, who want more from their life and for those who want to expand their lives and achieve goals both personally and professionally.

With the help of the counsellor you can learn to understand and work through feelings of anger, sadness or rejection and get beyond them.
■ Learning who you are and what you want from life.
■ Learning what you need – knowing how to speak to others politely while still getting your message across, and knowing that what you do can make a difference.
■ Be interested in yourself! – your feelings count, they are important and valuable, so pay attention to them!
■ Learning what you want to do – the belief and understanding that your life has meaning and you can make a difference to other people and other things.
■ Developing a purpose in life – having specific plans or dreams for ourselves.
■ Trying to find ways to think positively so you can:
■ Feel good about your future – which is more likely to help positive things happen. It might be difficult to see how you could change some of these things for the better, but with the counsellor's help you can get through this difficulties in a safe way.






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