Angry couple

What she did not understand was that Bill heard her complaints as an accusation that he was dishonest. He sought to minimize these painful accusations by telling her less and less.


The process of divorce is like riding an insane roller coaster. Relationship issues build up until you are on top of an enormous mountain of stress and fearful for your life as you knew it. At the apex, you reach your breaking point and the relationship plummets with such terrifying speed that you feel like your life is going to become unhinged and run off the tracks.

depression treatment

This article outlines some general treatment information and guidelines which you may want to take into consideration when seeking treatment for clinical depression.


Completely banishing stress from your life may never be an attainable goal. Nor, some would argue, should it be. If you consistently try your hardest and seek new endeavours, you will naturally feel challenged and sometimes even stressed.


Dr. James C. Dobson once said "there are very few certainties that touch us all in this mortal experience, but one of the absolutes is that we will experience hardship and stress at some point". Stress may be inevitable, but how we handle it is our choice.

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