What is Anxiety

Why anxiety is a terrible force that destroys your happiness...

It puts an edge of fear on every experience and it never seems to be satisfied. Living with anxiety is like always wanting to look over your shoulder; just in case. No evidence ever seems enough to satisfy the urge to be sure. The thinking part of anxiety is worry. But your whole body is also affected that is why it is hard to settle down and relax. The best friend of anxiety is depression. These almost always go together. Not feeling safe with few obvious options to resolve it is depressing. Being unable to feel safe and secure as you go through life can spoil everything. In my professional life I treat anxiety and its best friend depression every day. I know that virtually everyone who suffers from these twins of misery has had to do certain things to create their problems in the first place. I have called these The Five Doors to Anxiety. You must have passed through at least one of these doors to be where you are now. If you can go one way through a door you can reverse your journey. You can recover from anxiety and its twin of depression. Indeed any anxiety therapy or depression treatment MUST take you back through these doors. There is no other way. I recommend CBT therapy as the best way to retrace your steps and move away from anxiety and depression. But whatever therapy you choose you must go back through the doors. I have developed a very good way of going back through the doors of anxiety and depression. It is called Mood Control and it will take you away from anxiety and depression and what is more it will show you how to avoid the doors to anxiety and depression in the future. Mood Control is a self help treatment which means you have complete control over you use of it. It is a computerized cognitive behavioural therapy program.

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