As a counsellor my aim is to assist the clients in managing any transitions in their life; to talk about emotions and thoughts that they may not have been able to express before; to enable people to manage difficult feelings, without avoiding or acting them out.


  • Thank you Ventsi for helping me to start the road to overcoming my anxiety and changing the way I live. The changes we made in just six sessions were more than I could have hoped for.
    I now believe I have the tools, understanding and outlook on life that will serve me well for the future.

    Mr. David P.

    I cannot thank Ventsi enough for the help and support he has provided me over the past few months. I was stuck; miserable and unfulfilled and did not understand why. Ventsi’s counselling approach to depression and self-esteam awareness were like a revelation for me. Things started to make sense.

    Ms Georgina S.